Monday, September 29, 2014

What we have done the past few days

We have been busy learning many new things and reviewing some things we have learned in preschool. 

We have play time during the day because we learn many important things from playing. 
Peyton playing in the dramatic play area 
Jacob and Eli doing some counting.

Peyton writing letters outside.

Jacob writing letters with chalk.

Realm writing letters with chalk.

Realm reading a story to a cat.

We made apples using apple cutouts, contact paper and red, green, and yellow paper. 

Maggie and Realm making their apples.

Eli tearing some paper for his apple.

Directed Drawings
We worked on another directed drawing. This time we made a mom. We had to listen and follow directions. Mrs. Miller showed us on the board what to do.


Amillya, Peyton and Jacob working on their drawing.

Ashton and Brooke working on their drawings.


Finished drawing

Amillya showing me her drawing. 

Peyton and his picture.

Jacob and his drawing.

Eli and his drawing

Realm with her finished picture.

Maggie showing me her picture.

Dalyn and his picture.

In math talked about sorting. This question was asked: How can you sort things? They answered by color, shape or even kind. We sorted apples, dinosaurs and kinds of transportation. 

Maggie sorting different kinds of transportation.



We have been learning about letters and the sounds they make. We used our letter balls and our stomp and catch boards to try to catch the ball and then we had to say the letter name and the sound the letter makes.

Amillya trying to catch the ball.

She caught it.

Carl trying to catch a ball.

Maggie trying to catch a ball.

Eli getting ready to catch a ball.



In math we have been doing some graphing. We learned that a graph will sort things and give us information. We can graph many different things and learn many things from a graph.

The boys on the graph. We were graphing how many boys and how many girls we have in our class.

The boys and the girls on the graph.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Directed Drawings - Pup

We have learned the letters u and p, so we put them together and made the word pup. Mrs. Miller taught us how to draw a pup by following directions. The pups came out looking so cute. Take a look.

Mrs. Miller showing us the steps.

Amillya and Peyton working hard.

Realm drawing her pup.

Jacob and Dalyn drawing their pup.

Carl showing off his drawing.

Peyton's finished drawing.

Ashton showing his drawing.

Amillya's finished drawing.

Realm and her pup.

Maggie and her pup.

Carl saying look at my pup.

Brooke showing off her drawing.

Dalyn is so proud of his drawing.

Jacob and his pup.

The finished drawing by Mrs. Miller.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The first 13 days of school

We have been learning to read. So far we have learned the words: I, can, and the. We cut out some pointers that had the word the on it. We pointed it a different items and read it. 

Amillya: the phone

Ashton: the tree

Jacob: the folder

Maggie: the ant

Peyton: the workbench

Ashton: the bandaid

Dalyn: the apple

Peyton: the letters

We have been learning how to use the different kinds of technology that we have in our classroom. We have used the ipod as a group and the projector to do group activities. We have used the ipad as a group and individually. We have used the portable CD players to listen to stories on CD.
Amillya and Carl listening to stories.

Brooke using the ipad.

Jacob using the ipad.

Jacob using the ipad and Eli watching him.

We have talking about letters and how each letter has an uppercase letter and a lowercase letters. We learned that every letter has a partner. So far we have reviewed the letters P, U, and M. 

Amillya painting Purple P's. 

Brooke and Ashton painting Purple P's.

Dalyn painting his purple P.

In math we are talking about positional words. So we read Little Miss Muffet and talked about how the spider was beside her. We acted out Little Miss Muffet. 
Brooke as Little Miss Muffet and Peyton as the spider.

Realm as Little Miss Muffet and Maggie as the spider.

Realm eating her whey.

Jacob as Little Mr. Muffet and Eli being the spider.