Thursday, March 31, 2016


We learned about the different layers of a rainforest. There are four layers: Emergent layer, Canopy layer, Understory layer and Forest Floor. We then learned about the animals that live in those layers. Some of the animals live in a few different layers. We made a picture of the rainforest and colored pictures of some of the animals you would find there. 

The posters we made of our animals that we researched.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Jungle Animals

Jungle Research Project

We have been working on a research project. Mrs. Miller put us into groups of three and then we picked an animal that we would like to research. Mrs. Miller helped us look up information about our animal and then we each wrote a sentence about our animal. Then we drew a picture of our animal. We are making a book with Mrs. Jennings class.
Then we worked together to make a poster of our animal. 

Easter Fun

Easter Fun

We made Easter Bunny headbands. Then we hopped around the school and saw different people and said Happy Easter! We danced and hopped around the room to music. We made egg shaped bunnies. We had our egg hunt and our party.