Wednesday, February 10, 2016

100th day of Kindergarten

We celebrated the 100th day of Kindergarten this week. So we did a lot of counting to 100. We made 10 sets of 10 with cereal, for snack using lots of yummy snacks and with dabbers to make a crown. We made glasses that were in the shape of the number 100. We did 100 exercises. We talked about what we would like 100 of and what we would not like 100 of. 

Penguins and Kansas Day

We have been learning about penguins. What can penguins do, where do they live, what do they look like and much more. We did a directed drawing of penguins. They turned out really cute! 

Kansas Day

We celebrated Kansas Day and made sunflowers, which is the state flower. It's also Mrs. Miller's favorite flower. Each child was given different colors of paper and told to make a sunflower. They each look different and very cute. 


We made penguins by following steps. Then we wrote sentences about what a penguin can do, what a penguin looks like and what a penguin is.