Tuesday, September 24, 2013


We have been learning about patterns in math class. We learned that patterns repeat a part over and over again. To work on patterns we have used many different kinds of materials to make a pattern. We have done movement patterns, like hop, clap, hop, clap. We have made patterns using bingo dabbers. We drew a picture of a bracelet with a pattern and then made our own pattern bracelet.  
                      Thessaly making a dinosaur pattern of blue, purple, blue, purple.
                 Rachel using bingo dabbers to make a pattern of blue, yellow, blue, yellow.
                                            Harper and Jared making patterns.
                                              Garrett drawing a picture of a pattern bracelet.
                                               Jared drawing a red, blue pattern to make a bracelet.
                                                    Thessaly making a pattern bracelet.
                                                      Addison making a pattern bracelet.
                        Today Mrs. Miller was asking us, What can you do with a friend? Everyone gave a response and Mrs. Miller wrote it on the board. Rachel pointed out that Mrs. Miller's writing is in a pattern.
                                  Our calendar follows a pattern of orange, green, orange, green.
                                Every day we count how many days we have been in school. Our numbers are in a pattern of red, white, red, white.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


    In Math we have been learning many different concepts. We have been sorting things by coloring, shape and size. We have learned the directions left and right. We have talked about the positional words under, over, next to, beside, above, below, top, bottom and middle. We have sorted things by how they are alike and how they are different. Today we took our first math test. The Kindergarteners were super excited about it when I told them yesterday that we had our first math test (they cheered). They did really well on their first test. After our math test we played some math games.

 Thessaly and Addison learning left and right.



                                                  Harper and Jared working on a graph.
Trentin and Garrett playing a graphing game.

Rachel, Thessaly, and Lelani playing High Ho Cherry-o
Harper and Jared playing a measuring game.

Lelani and Thessaly playing a measuring game.

Addison, Jared, Trentin  and Edward playing High Ho Cheery-o.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Learning words

We have been learning different words because in Kindergarten we will learn to read. The Kindergarteners are very excited about learning to read. So far we have learned the words can, I, a, we, and the. We have read different sentences and books with these words being used. Today we made arrows with the word the on it. We walked around the room with our arrow and pointed it at an item and said the sentence.
                                                                  the circle
                                                       Rachel says, "the bear"

                                                         Jared says, "the door"

                                             Thessaly says, "the door"
                                                   Colton says, "the Mr. Potato Head"

                                                 Harper says, "the map"
                                                    Edward says, "the tree"
                                                    T.J. says, "the water bottle."

Putting letters together to make words

We have been learning about different letters and what sounds they make. We learned that when you put the letters together they make words. We have learned the letters p, u, m, and o. We learned that if you put the letters u and p together they make the word up.
We drew a picture by following the steps and directions Mrs. Miller gave us. We then made the word pup.







       We also put the letters p, o, and p together to make the word pop. Mrs. Miller explained that sometimes people call their grandfather pop. We followed the steps and directions Mrs. Miller gave us to draw pop.

Writing letters and drawing a self portrait

In Kindergarten we have been talking about how we are important and what we look like. Everyone took a turn looking at themselves in the mirror and then drew a self portrait.

 We have been working on writing letters. We learned that every letter has an uppercase letter and lowercase letter. Here we are writing letters in shaving cream on our tables. That was a lot of fun!
                                  Edward, Angel, Rachel and Shyla working on writing the letter P.

                                                     Colton and Joshua writing the letter P.

                                                             Angel and Rachel

                                                      Addison and Thessaly

                                                      Harper and Jared


Welcome to Kindergarten!

We have had some fun days in Kindergarten! We have worked on following the classroom rules, asking to use things or to do things, how to walk in the hallway and how to be a good friend. Below we are working on listening to the teachers directions (Mrs. Miller would say spin and stop).





Rest time is very important in Kindergarten. It gets our bodies ready for the rest of the day.

                      We survived the first day of Kindergarten! Come back tomorrow for S'more fun!