Monday, November 25, 2013


We have been learning about the holiday Thanksgivng all month long. We have talked about the different things we eat for Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, pie, corn, mashed potatoes, salad, rolls, etc.). We have looked at the parts of a turkey and labeled them. We talked about the colors of a turkey; we learned that many people like to make the turkeys feathers different colors but they normally are just one color. 
Labeling a turkey

Labeling a turkey
 The poor turkey does not want to be eaten for dinner so he tries to convince you not to eat him. For this project we used different shapes and colors to make our turkeys. Our turkeys held up a sign asking you to eat something else for Thanksgiving dinner. Some of the things he would like you to eat are: salad, cupcakes, apples, cookies, cucumbers, pumpkin and pickles. First we made a list of different foods that we could eat instead of the turkey and then we picked one.

 Each child took home a turkey outline and cut it out. Then as a family they disguised their turkey so no one would find them. They turned out great. We have 2 Santas, a football player, Cinderella, a pop star, a mermaid, a captain, a princess butterfly, a hunter, a police officer, a chief police officer, and Queen Mrs. Miller.
Disguise a turkey

Disguise a turkey

Disguise a turkey

Queen Mrs. Miller by Rachel.
 We have learned about the Pilgrims and Native Americans. We learned that the Pilgrims sailed on a ship called the Mayflower (ask your child what the name of the ship is), and that they came from England (they may be able to tell you that too). We learned that they had to build their homes and it was not an easy trip or time in their new land. We learned that the Native Americans helped the Pilgrims learn how to do different things. For this project we made a Native American with different shapes. We then wrote the number words on our song.

Addison and Rachel

Garrett working on his Native American.

Thessaly moved to the floor to work on her Native American.
 For this project we made turkeys with hoop legs. They turned out really cute.
Garrett, T.J., and Lelani

Garrett making the legs for his turkey

Angel working on her turkey





T.J. and his Native American

Angel and her Native American

Jared and his Native American
Today we talked what we are thankful for:
Lelani - family
Harper - mom
Rachel - family and her dogs
Thessaly - grandpa, nana, mom, dog and cat
Shyla - mom, dad, and her dogs
Angel - Uncle Joe and Rosemary
Trentin - dad, mom and cat
Mason - sister
Garrett - his neighbors
T.J. - family and cousin Tyler
Jared - family
Edward - pets and friends
Addison - grandparents, Thessaly and her dog
Mrs. Altis - family and students
Mrs. Miller - family, students and friends