Monday, September 14, 2015

We have been busy

We have been busy! Every day we make a circle map of a letter. On this day we did the letter H. We think of words that start with h and Mrs. Miller writes them on the circle map. We then sing a song about the letter h and the sound it makes. After that we listen to a story that has lots of words that start with the letter and then we add more words to our circle map. We reviewed our shapes and made houses with the shapes.

The first lessons in math is postitonal words. So left and right is one of the first things we work on. Here we are listening to Mrs. Miller and putting our hand or a dinosaur in a certain place.

                                                                       Swat the bug

During this game two Kindergarteners come up and listen to the letter Mrs. Miller tells them. They then swat the bug with that letter. If they get it correct they stay up and have another turn. We've been doing a great job with this game and have been working hard.

Letter Balls

Mrs. Miller threw a ball to us and we tried to catch it. Then we told her the letter that was on the ball. 

Miss Piggy - our class pet

Here we are working on identifying numbers and matching the numbers.

Swat the bug

Letter M circle map and story.
The blue words we added first and the black words we added after our story.

Mrs. Miller helped us with a word: mustache.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Second Week of Kindergarten

Our second week has been a fun filled week and we have learned a lot of things. We have made circle maps of the letters D, E, F, G, and tomorrow we will do H. We have played a game on the board using our mimo. That was a lot of fun! We cheered our friends on. 
We had a chance to paint at the easel during playtime. We used our motor skills and jump onto the stomp and catch board and tried to catch a ball. After we had our turned we told Mrs. Miller what letter was on the board.