Thursday, March 27, 2014

Jumping for letters




We have been learning letter names, and letter sounds all year long. I added in a gross motor part to our lesson by having the students jump onto a stomp n catch board. They had to jump onto the board with both of their feet and then catch the ball. After they caught the ball they told me the letter name and the letter sound. 


100 th day of School

I'm behind on posting pictures. Sorry! This is from the 100th day of school. We did lots of things that had to do with the number 100. We counted by 1's to 100. We danced our one hundred song. We mad a one hundred fruit loop necklace. First we made 10 rows of 10 fruit loops. We counted by 10's to 100. Then we put them on a string.We talked about what we would want a 100 of and what we would not want 100 of. Take a look at the charts. THere were some funny responses.  We predicted where we would be in the main building if we took one hundred steps from our classroom. And then we walked 100 steps to see where we would end up. We ended up at the library. We made a 100 day crown and a one hundred day snack. For the snack we had 10 different things (m&ms, marshmallows, goldfish, teddy grahams, chocolate chips, and much more), we took 10 of each item and counted by 10's to 100.
It was a fun filled day.