Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pumpkin investigation

While we were at the pumpkin, Mrs. Miller picked out a pumpkin for us to use our five senses with and describe the pumpkin. We looked at the pumpkin, and felt the pumpkin. We shook the pumpkin to listen to it. We smelled the outside of it and the inside of it. Mrs. Miller cut the top off and we felt the inside of the pumpkin. Some of us did not want to do that but we all did. Some of the words we used to describe the pumpkin are: squishy, hard, yucky, orange, bumpy, brown, stringy. 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Sight words

One this day we were reviewing words that we have learned. Mrs. Miller would say a word and we would have to find it. If we found it we then erased it and had another turn. This was a fun game. 

We have been learning some sight words. On this day we were reviewing the word - the. Each child cut out an arrow with the word the on it and Mrs. Miller showed them what to do.

Bailey said, "the stool"

Braxton said, "the mat"

Keaton said, "the cage."

Kaylee said, "the table."

Callie said, "the guinea pig"

Alex said, "the letter D."

Torrance said, "the shelf"

Charlie said, "the letter R."

Keaton said, "the Mr. Potato Head."

Bailey said, "the computer."

Kyler said, "the easel."

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We have been busy!

Miss Piggy

Some of us came in the morning and decided to say hi to Miss Piggy!

Working on patterns

Play time

We have been playing with play doh, colored rice in the sensory table, wipe off boards and many other things.

Find the letter

Mrs. Miller gave each student a pointer with a letter and picture on it. They told Mrs. Miller the letter and the picture that was on the pointer. Then they walked around the room and found that letter anywhere they could. As soon as Mrs. Miller or Mrs. Altis told them good job, then they came back for another pointer.