Friday, March 27, 2015


We have made a few bunnies and will be making more in the next few days because we are excited that the Easter Bunny will be coming soon. We made a bunny who is wearing overalls. I heard many oh that is so cute from the class.

Directed Drawings

We did a directed drawing of a bunny. We choose one color that we wanted our bunny to be and one color that we wanted our background to be. We followed the directions to make our bunny. Again I heard how cute they were. Which they are very cute!

Ashton's bunny

Amillya's bunny

Peyton being silly

Peyton's bunny

Eli's bunny

Jacob's bunny

Maggie's bunny

Dalyn's bunny

Brooke's bunny
Carl's Bunny

Realm's bunny

Friday, March 13, 2015



We have been learning about insects. Did you know an insect has 3 body parts and six legs? We learned that. We also learned that some insects have hard and soft wings. 

Directed Drawings of beetles

Rhyming bees
We made bees and wrote words that rhyme with bee inside it. 

Easel painting
During free time we painted insects at the easel. They turned out so cute!






Information about insects
We read the book Beetles by Edana Eckart. We learned all about beetles. We didn't know that a ladybug and a firefly are beetles but we do now. We made a chart about all the information we know about insects.

We wrote at least two sentences about beetles to go with our directed drawings of beetles. 

We filled in the blanks and labelled an insect.