Sunday, January 20, 2013

Preschool - December

December is a busy month in Preschool. We practice every day for the music program. We made handprint antler headbands for our program. We made paper plate Santa faces. We did alot of hand painting to make our parents gifts. I hope everyone liked their handprint calendar. We took pictures by the Christmas tree. We made handprint Santa's and his reindeer. And we did alot of learning.

Preschool - Paper Bag Turkeys

We made paper bag turkeys for Thanksgiving time. Each child was provided a bag, and different pieces to make their turkey. Each turkey looks different because the preschoolers are encouraged to put things were they want to and to make their own artwork. 

I had to change my blog address due to having too many pictures on the other blogs and it would not let me post anymore unless I started paying for space. I really didn't want to do that so I decided to start another blog. On this blog I will be posting both Preschool information and Kindergarten information. I am teaching both grades this year as many of you know so this blog will be used for both. In the title I will post if it is a Kindergarten post or Preschool post.  Please past the blog address onto your friends and family so they can see your children enjoying school.

Mrs. Miller