Thursday, March 23, 2017

Research project

Research project

We have been working on our jungle animal research projects. We were put into groups and then we looked on the computer to learn about our animal. We each picked a fact about the animal to share in our book that we are making. Then we drew a picture for the book. As a group we made a poster of the animal. We worked together to draw it and the rest of the picture and we colored it. We will be learning more about the jungle in the next few weeks. 


Happy St. Patrick's Day

Oh no! The leprechaun found it's way into the Kindergarten classroom. He knocked chairs over, he dumped out toys and he put muddy footprints all over the place. We had to clean it all up when we came in. He did leave us some gold and some bracelets. 
We did a directed drawing of a leprechaun and colored it. Then we painted around it with watercolors. Then we turned ourselves into leprechauns.