Tuesday, February 21, 2017

100th Day of School

Oh my goodness! I went to pick up my kids this morning and there were a bunch of old men and women. Don't know what happened this weekend but they aged. 

We had a lot of fun today counting to 100! 

We started the day out with our normal play time and reading our AR books. Then the excitement started. 100 balloons were let go into our classroom. Each balloon had a number inside of it. We had to use our bodies to pop the balloon and put the number onto the 100's chart. First we had to tell Mrs. Miller what the number was. That was a lot of fun and very noisy. Then we sang to songs and exercised and counted to 100. 
After recess we made our 100 days of school hat. We had 10 strips of paper and put 10 dots on each strip. We had 10 sets of 10 which equals 100.
After lunch we made our fruit loop necklaces. We counted to 10 and added it onto our necklace. We did this ten times to have 10 sets of 10. Then it was snack time, we counted out 10 of each snack item and ended up with 10. Mrs. Miller took our pictures last week and used an app to make us look old; the pictures were on the wall when we came in this morning.