Friday, May 23, 2014

Field trip - Last day of school

Jared, Harper, Lelani, T.J., and Trentin waiting for the train.

Jared, Harper and Lelani

On the train

On the train

I asked Addison if she knew what a selfie was and she told me no. So I explained that it's taking a picture of yourself. Here is a selfie of me and Addison on the train.


Jared getting ready to go down the slide

Angel and Lelani on the swings. They love to swing at school.


Garrett coming down the climber


Mason and Jared crossing the bridge.

Edward on the digger.

Angel climbing up.

This is my youngest son, Earl. He went on the trip too with his daycare provider.

Aidin on the spinning cup.


Shyla. She loves to climb.

Lelani spinning Trentin on the spinning cup.

Our little climber, Shyla.

Rachel going down the slide.

Garrett on the spinning cup.

Jared taking a break

Garrett and T.J. going down the slide.

Crossing the bridge.

Looking at the monkeys on monkey island and the turtles in the water.

Watching a spider monkey.

Addison, Trentin and Shyla looking at the spider monkey.

Shyla and Garrett saying hi to the donkey.

I had a little caterpillar friend on my shirt. He didn't want to leave my shirt.

Garrett, Shyla and Aidin saying hi to the donkey.

Looking at the bear.

Group picture.

Mrs. Miller's class - 2013 - 2014





Jared in a pumpkin

Shyla jumping on the bridge

Ride em cowboy Jared.

Garrett sitting on a rhino. Don't worry it's not real.

Ride em cowgirl Harper.

Rachel on a rhino.

Group picture.

Trying to get Jack the bird to talk.


Trentin and Garrett waiting to eat our ice cream.


Harper and Addison eating ice cream. Yummy! It was a nice cool treat to have.

This is my little girl. She liked eating mommy's ice cream.

Ella having some ice cream.

  I have really enjoyed having these kids this year. I hope everyone has a wonderful fun filled and safe summer. 
Two tired girls.!