Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Directed Drawings
We drew a scarecrow today. We followed the step by step directions that Mrs. Miller gave us and made a scarecrow.


We have been learning about graphs so we made spiders to help us answer a question. The question of the day was: Are you afraid of spiders? Each child made a spider and then put the spider on the web after answering the question. Then as a class we used the spider web to help us fill out a tally chart. We talked about what a tally mark is and what it looks like. We counted the tally marks and answered a question. Then we drew a scary spider.

Go Away Big Green Monster

We have been learning to read different sight words and how to sound out words. Today Mrs. Miller read us the book, GO Away Big Green Monster. We have learned the words go, big and green so we were able to help read those words. After listening to the story, we labelled a picture of the green monster and then we made our own green monster. We wrote the words Go, Big and Green to finish the title of our pictures. 

Witch Patterns
We have been learning about patterns. We had made AB patterns, ABC patterns and many other kinds of patterns. We made Witch Patterns. We made the bottom of the witch's body and made her tights on her legs into a pattern. We then put buttons on her dress and made an AB pattern with the buttons. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

We went to Walter's Pumpkin Patch in El Dorado. We had a lot of fun picking pumpkins. We learned about how pumpkins grow and the different kinds of pumpkins. After we ate lunch we played and played some more. 


Peyton coming down the slide.


Milly coming down the slide.



Peyton climbing the climber.

Realm coming down the slide.

On the way to get pumpkins
                 We have picked our pumpkins. Take a look!

Mr. Grisel holding one of the Kindergarteners siblings.

Group picture

Headed back with our pumpkins

                                                                           Time to play!