Tuesday, November 24, 2015



We have been busy learning about Thanksgiving. We talked about being thankful for things we have and what we do on Thanksgiving. We also talked about the first Thanksgiving and the reason we celebrate. Ask you child about the Pilgrims and where they left (England). What did they sail on? (the Mayflower)  Was it an easy trip? (No) When they arrived in America did they have homes? (no they built one big house until the spring time and then they built more)
We learned that it was a hard, long winter and some Pilgrims died on the Mayflower and during the winter. We learned that the Native Americans helped the Pilgrims learn how to hunt, fish and plant crops. 

Burlap turkey mats

How to draw a turkey

Turkey cookies
We made these with Mrs. Jennings class

Totem Poles 
We learned that Native Americans make totem poles to tell a story about their group. We worked with Mrs. Jennings class and made totem poles out of boxes. Each group had three Kindergarteners in it. They first painted their box gray and then later painted the animal they were assigned on it. 

The Mayflower

Turkey Handprint pot holders

How to draw a Pilgrim Boy

Native American headband
We made shape patterns on it.

Would you ride on the Mayflower?