Friday, April 26, 2013

Handprint and Footprint Flowers - Preschool

Learning about the Ocean - Kindergarten

In Kindergarten we have been learning about the sea and ocean. We made a chart of different sea animals. Then we talked about crabs: what does a crab look like, how does it move, etc.  We made crabs by painting a paper plate and adding legs and eyes. We made scuba divers and talked about what we would see if we went scuba diving. We wrote a story that said, "If I went Scuba diving and we had to add details about what we would see. 
We did some fingerpainting and gluing to make an octopus.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Mrs. Miller's Kindergarteners reading to Mrs. Miller's Preschoolers

Mrs. Miller's Kindergarteners came to read to Mrs. Miller's Preschoolers. This helps the Kindergarteners practice their reading skills and it shows the preschoolers what they will be able to do in Kindergarten and what they will learn. The Kindergarteners will come over every week to read to the preschoolers. I love doing this because it shows me the growth that my preschoolers develop. It was alot of fun in the past years because I didn't get to see my preschoolers develop and learn these skills. It is still a joy for me to watch them grow each year. Keep it up Kindergarteners and Preschoolers. 

Learning how to tell time - Kindergarten

In Kindergarten we have been learning how to tell time by the hour. First we talked about how a clock has two hands; the hour hand and the minute hand. Then Mrs. Miller showed us different times by the hour and we had to tell her what time it was. We then used our hands to show different times that Mrs. Miller gave us. Each child had a different time. It was alot of fun! Then Mrs. Miller made a big circle on the floor and we had to tell her what number to start with and what came next. Mrs. Miller used tape to make the numbers on the clock. We then used our legs and arms as the clock hands to illustrate a time.  This was fun too!

Easter Party - Preschool

The preschool class had a wonderful Easter party. The day before we made our easter bunny baskets out of milk jugs. We then went to hunt Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny left outside behind our classroom. We had some yummy treats and talked about what we hope the Easter bunny would bring us.