Thursday, April 23, 2015


We have been learning about food groups. The first food group we learned about was fruits. We made a list of the different fruits we knew. We sorted pictures of fruits and vegetables and we wrote the first letter of some fruits. Then we sampled some fruits. Thank you to the families that brought in the fruits for us to try. They loved them! 


We have learned about what research is and how to do research. We did a group research on Tigers. First we made a chart of what we know about tigers. Then we used the computer and a book to learn more about tigers. We filled out papers about tigers. Then each child wrote sentences about tigers. Then we did a directed drawing of a tiger. 
We then were split into 4 groups and we picked an animal we wanted to research. The group were: Group 1: Ashton, Carl and Brooke - rhino
Group 2: Peyton, Dalyn and Maggie - cheetah
Group 3: Amillya, Eli, Jacob - elephant 
Group 4: Realm, Milly, Lillian

Then we research were they live, what they eat, what they look like and 2 other facts about the animal. We worked on this project for a few days. We then drew the animal and labelled it. Then we worked together to draw and color the animal and put our posters together. I'm so proud of them and how much work they did. The posters came out great. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

More Bunnies


We have made more bunnies! We talked about what a bunny does and what an Easter bunny does. We then wrote some sentences to say what we would do if we were a bunny. 

We made a cone shaped Easter bunny basket. They are too cute! We are going to put our eggs in them from our Easter egg hunt.