Thursday, May 26, 2016

Zoo Field Trip

Fun at the Zoo

For our end of the year field trip we were supposed to go to the Independence Zoo and Park but because of weather concerns we changed our trip. We went to the Wichita Zoo. We had a lot of fun! We saw many of the animals that we researched during our Jungle research project.

Kaylee and Keaton looking at a caiman.

Emery said, "Mrs. Miller I read an AR book about these." We were at the otter exhibit.

Mrs. Miler and Callie

Emery and Kaylee and Torrance looking at the gorillas. 

Alex and Darby looking at the meerkats. Meerkats are one of my favorite animals.

Darby, Torrance and Callie


Kaylee looks  a litte concerned. 



Callie and Emery looking at the gorillas 

Mrs. Miller and Torrance

Lunch time

Welch and Adalynn looking at the otters

Grizzly Bear

Red panda 

Mrs. Miller and Braxton

Mrs. Miller and Darby

Mrs. Miller's Kindergarten Class

Callie, Keaton and Welch looking at the lions.

Cooper and Mrs. Miller

Mrs. Miller and Kaylee

Sleepy on the way home

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