Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fools Day


We started the day out looking for the Lirpaloof bird. It is a rare bird that is not from this area. We have been learning about jungle animals so Mrs. Miller said it is from the jungle. It visits this area only at the beginning of April. It likes to eat insects, seeds and carrots. It's wings and tail feathers are orange because it eats carrots. The lirpaloof has 4 feathers on its head that are purple. It lives in tall trees and does not like to be yelled at so you need to sing it's name. We went outside and looked at the tall trees across the highway and sang Lirpaloof and waved carrots in the air. We thought we saw it but it didn't show up. So we made a sign for it and put carrots on the ground. After recess some of the carrots were gone. Boy, we were excited. We colored a picture of the lirpaloof and the went outside again after lunch to look for it. Before we did, Mrs. Miller told us that when we got back in the room we would have brownies. After some more searching, we went back to our sign and Mrs. Miller wrote the birds name a different way - April Fools. She tricked us. We were shocked. Welch said, teachers aren't supposed to do that. When we got back to the room, there were brown E's sitting at our seats. We asked were the brownies are. Mrs. Miller told us that we had brown e's. After a good laugh, Mrs. Miller gave us real brownies. 

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